Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pinkie-Pie the Precocious Princess

As far as Gracie is concerned, dress up is a way of life. Its not a game, its not just pretend, its just what she does. Of course she gets it from me. I'm all glitz and glimmer myself. But like any three year old with a passion, Gracie takes it to the extreme.

Lately, Pinkie-Pie has been trying to rule the roost. The hot pink Rastafarian diva is silly, stylish, and a little too sassy for her own good. Hands on her hips, she often shouts, "Its time to watch The Little Mermaid, RIGHT NOW!" or "No, I WONT put my toys away. I don't LIKE cleany uppie time!"

Needless to say, Pinkie-Pie is often on time out.

Pinkie-Pie also has a best friend, who she loves to chat with on her Disney princess purple phone.

"Oh hello, Hannah Montana. Hahaha, that is so funny!" she chuckles to herself while admiring her pink polished fingernails.

***Let me just say that in our house, the only TV shows watched are those on PBS. How Pinkie Pie discovered the Disney phenomenon that is Hannah Montana is beyond me. But somehow, my three -- going on thirteen-- year old is a huge fan.

Gracie is never without a pretty dress. She wears skirts that twirl to play in the sand box. Fancy, frilly dresses are worn on walks with Daddy. Layers and layers of pink tulle are in place while at the post office with Grandma.

Fingernails -- painted
Lips -- glossed with BonneBell
Perfume -- vanilla bean body spray
Twirly skirt -- check

Will is still holding onto the dream of Gracie being the first girl to play rugby for Wales -- -which she might one day do. How am I to know what the future holds for this precocious little diva? --- But I'm pretty positive that if she does play rugby for Wales...

... my little Pinkie-Pie will probably be out on that pitch wearing a ruffled twirly skirt and some patent leather Mary-Janes.


New England Quilter said...

Hmmm ... dress up is a way of life? Maybe Pinkie Pie will grow up to be an actress :)

What a CUTIE!! Lovin the pink hair!

MrsDragon said...

I am absolutely terrified of having girls for exactly that reason. I was *such* a tom boy I wouldn't have the first earthly clue what to do with a little princess. (And the buying pink for a girl might just crush my feminism loving soul).

Of course, I would never force my child to be someone they are not, but I think all the pretty pretty princess dust passed me by. : )

Nikki said...

Girls look like so much fun! She is too much!

Karen Erickson said...

Well your pinkie pie sounds like she could be good friends w/ my little diva. She is such a girl, always dressed up, always made up. She wears lipstick more than I do! And she is madly in love Hannah Montana. Her 3 year old brother calls her Miley or Hannah just to get on her good side. ;)

marievilla said...

Hmmm...sounds a lot like my oldest, but I'm glad she's not afraid to get dirty either!

Girls are so fun, aren't they?

::::LuLa Boutique:::: said...

OMG...so cute!!! Haha...just love it! I HOPE I have little girls some day...too adorable!!!

casserole said...

Funny how the wee ones develop their own little personalities so early!

Rosebud Collection said...

She is so cute..What beautiful pictures you took of her..reminds me of one of my granddaughters..she loves high heels, calls them stems..

bumblebird said...

She's fabulous! The Fancy Nancy series is a favorite in our house...I bet your Pinkie Pie would love it too, if she doesn't already!

Melissa Aubrey said...

Omg, that really tickled me! I have a boy and he's Harry Potter and Chad Pennington all day. It's so much fun!

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