Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tagged and Tagged and Tagged Again

I have been tagged by CASSEROLE!!! I have been tagged before (read here, if you really feel the need) and a few times I was tagged but chose to ignore them... but I think I'll be a good sport and play along this time.

I am to share 7 oh so uninteresting facts about myself. Since I tend to open up and blab all about me and my life to just about every stranger who will listen to what I have to say (or in this case, read), coming up with 7 things you don't already know is kind of hard.

But since they don't have to be interesting things, I'm sure I can muster something up.

See this adorably cute little girl? I bet you're thinking, "She is probably the sweetest, nicest little thing to ever roam the Earth."

1.) I was a holy hellion when I was young. Beginning at the age of four, I used to terrorize kids on the playground for no reason at all. I pushed girls off the swings, I poured sand down little boys pants. I spent countless hours in the principal's office when I was just in preschool, and my best friend at preschool wasn't allowed to play with me anymore, because I got into so much trouble.

I made my 3rd grade teacher cry in a teacher/parent conference because she couldn't understand why I was so rotten when I looked like such a sweet little girl on the first day of school. By 8th grade, my rebellious nature got the best of me and I was expelled from Leadership (of all classes!!) and did plenty of time in the principal's office and guidance counselor's office. Unlike most kids in the counselor's office, I never blamed my parenting. I've always taken full responsibility for being a rotten, little brat.

When I started High School, I stopped being awful. Granted, I still had some issues which my mom helped me resolve (lest I get expelled from art class, of all places). But I became a good student because I finally felt like it, I became a cheerleader because I was the perky type and I was just nice. By the time college rolled around, I was on the Dean's honor list every semester. And now, I'm the biggest goody two-shoes in town.

I still have a rebellious streak, but I tend to keep my mouth shut now. And I don't push little girls off the swings anymore.

2.) I love to cook. I used to hate cooking. And I was terrible at it, as well. After getting married and having kids, the only time I could get some peace and quiet and time to myself is when I am cooking in the kitchen. Will and I made a deal (actually, I was dictator and he had no say in the matter). If he wants to eat dinner, then he needs to get the girls out of my hair while I cook. If he doesn't, then he has to fend for himself. Will hates cooking and can pretty much only figure out beans on toast. Needless to say, he is more than willing to take the girls off my hands every night while I cook.

The end result, I make FABULOUS food and really value my time in the kitchen. Will is a Pescatarian (no meat other than seafood) and the girls are both allergic to seafood, so I typically have to cook two dinners a night. I don't really mind, though. As long as the kids aren't bothering me or trying to climb up my legs to get my attention, I'm happy to cook all night long.

3.) I really want to learn French, but enrolling in a class just isn't possible at the moment. Therefore, I am teaching myself. I'm trying to get the girls into it, as well, but they aren't biting. I have a bunch of learning French books, cds, and we frequently watch movies in French with English Subtitles (even the Baby Einstein movies have French options, surprisingly!).

On a scale of 1 - 100 (with 100 being fluent and 1 being having no grasp of the French language whatsoever) I am at about a 1.001 ... but whatever. I have the rest of my life to finish learning the language, since I'm just doing it for fun.

4.) I love cemeteries. That is pretty weird for me, because the whole idea of death just freaks the daylights out of me. But to me, cemeteries are just very beautiful, peaceful places. I don't get weirded out at all. Not even at night.

The most beautiful cemeteries I saw were in England and Scotland. This cemetery in the picture above, was in Stirling, Scotland. It was on the property of the youth hostel I stayed in while traveling, which had once been a kirk. I was amazed to see the most recent stone in that cemetery dated back to the 1700's. I couldn't even read the older stones, as they were so worn away. It was very, very cool.

5.) I have wanted to be a professional writer and illustrator my entire life. That is all I have ever wanted to do. I got my degree in Creative Arts with an emphasis in Art and English Literature, and am happy to say that I have several stories/children's poems and plays written and it is just a matter of sucking up my courage when it comes to submitting them to be published.

At the moment, I think the girls are too young for me to make an attempt at writing and illustrating, as I need to stay home with them and the just drain the life out of me. Once they start school, however, I'll jump right on it, because I just can't wait to get to work and make my dream a reality.

In the meantime, here is a nice little trip down my artistic memory lane:

The picture at the top is from a story I wrote at the age of 6, titled "Things I Like." That is me and my brother swimming.

The picture of the girl (who is actually supposed to be me -- nice eyebrows) running in the woods, is from a book I wrote at the age of 10. I loved drawing the covers to my fabulous and entertaining novels.

The picture of the girl looking at the sunset is from a poem I wrote and illustrated at 13. Funny enough, I have saved almost all of my art and writing dating back to the age of 8. Pretty smart, as it can be used as ammo against me when I'm famous!!

I wrote The Mystery at the age of 8. That is me on the cover, with my huge chompers. For some reason , I made everyone in that book buck-toothed.

The Cabalistic Farmhouse was a story, loosely based on the childhood of my grandmother, which I wrote at the age of 14. It is pretty terrible, as all my stories from back then are!! I hope I have gotten better with age and education!!

6.) I hate cartoons. I really do. I can tolerate a classic Disney movie for awhile, but other than that, you pretty much have to twist my arm to sit me in front of a cartoon of any kind. I don't watch them with my kids. I don't watch South Park or The Family Guy with my husband. I just flat out hate cartoons.

7.) I love cats. Love them. They are like grouchy, moody, affectionate, and crazy members of the family, walking around on four furry legs of attitude. In my life, I have had 13 cats. I'm dying to get a kitten right now, but we only have a dog. I'm not a dog person.

Okay, I pretty just wrote my autobiography right here. I'm not tagging anyone, although I am tempted to tag you, Marie! But only to torture you since you have been tagged as many times as I have. But I'll spare you, and everyone else!

Thanks for reading, skimming or just flat out overlooking my blog!


Nikki said...

I read every single word! You are fun to read about!

idyll hands said...

You win - you were most creative when it came to this tagging game.

I love that you were rotten as a kid. I was accused of taking a nickel out of a lunch box once in 2nd or 3rd grade. Having to sit in my mom's room for hours (it seemed) until I confessed scarred me for life. I couldn't confess, I didn't do it. But eh, I suppose she let me out at some point because here I am.

casserole said...

I knew if I tagged you, you'd tell us something good... I'm still cracking up about you being such a sweet-faced little hellion child! Although I bet those boys deserved at least a little bit to have sand down their pants.

Regal Beads said...

this was great :) I am wondering if my mom still has some of my old "books" and journals...we had to write every day and I would write the craziest stories (that I thought were WONDERFUL) as a kid! (I still love to write)

Denise Felton said...

This is the best blog post ever. I loved every word of it. You win the unimportant facts competition, for sure. And I am awed by your childhood talent. Holy cow. This post made my whole day happy.

luv4sams (Lisa) said...

What can I say but GREAT! We should do this on the NING! said...

Marisa, I love your writing style. Those illustrations from when you were a kid are fun too. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!! You are so funny! I think we all have a bit of hellion in us, but I think the sand down the shorts takes the cake! ;) Thanks for such a fun read!

Rosebud Collection said...

I am still in shock about you being in trouble..Not you..What a good tag and you did it well..It was a great read and I still don't believe you were in that much trouble..

Marie said...

I can't believe you were such a rotten little kid. You were the girl that I was always afraid of! That was a fun read, thanks for sharing all those secrets! :) And I would have done the tag if you tagged me, but thanks for sparing me!

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

This is very interesting. You know, I knew one or two naughty-like-you little girls when I was young, and sometimes now, I wonder if they stayed that way.... but reading this makes me think that they maybe changed, as you did, in highschool...

Reading these has been a good way to be introduced to your blog (I'm a new visitor) and to learn a little more about you. I like your creativity...

Cathy said...

okay, a few comments...

lol at your mischief making days, especially the pouring of sand down boys pants! now we know where your girls get it from! ha ha...and we also know there is hope for them, because look at the way you turned out :))

can't believe you cook two meals a night! crazy woman! i'm flat out just cooking one! although I like the idea of my husband keeping the boys busy while I cook as tehy are usually crawling up my legs too or hanging off me in some way!

don't know about cemeteries at night...i'd be spooked!

your talent for drawing is evident from way back when! and I know you'll make your dream a reality! remember i want a personally signed copy of your first illustrated book! (i'll pay for it of course)

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