Monday, November 23, 2009


Gracie and Annelie just met their very first Best Friends Forever. And better than that, their new BFFS got to play with them for three days and three nights straight. Can you say heaven on earth for a couple of little girls?

Both of my kids are very outgoing, overly affectionate, high-energy, and have no sense of personal space whatsoever ... traits that can be very off-putting to most kids. They relate best to the 15 and over crowd, and don't really befriend other kids at the park or whatever class Gracie is signed up for. Needless to say, I've spent many days and nights worrying about their ability to make friends. Until this weekend, four and a half year old Gracie had yet to meet a little girl who shared her interests, shared her high-energy level, and wanted to hug, hug, hug to show how happy she was to play.

But my bloggy friend April's two little girls, Madilynn and Autumn were cut from the very same cloth. They played play-doh together, decorated tiaras together, watched Barbie and Tinkerbell movies (Gracie's favorite) together... absolutely everything that Gracie and Annelie loved, so did Madilynn and Autumn. And they were more than happy to hug Gracie back, and root for her as she made her way across the monkey bars by herself for the very first time - a very big deal for a four year old girl!

I was so excited when April and family moved from their home in Florida to Texas last spring, and couldn't wait to meet my blog friend in person, but for some reason, we just hadn't had a chance to get together. Now that we have our house and a place to put guests, the timing was perfect for April and her kids to make the 5 hour trek across the Texas countryside to our home.

The girls had fun, obviously... but better than that, I had a friend with whom I could gush about the awesomeness of Jane Austen, the hotness of James McAvoy, and the deliciousness of cupcakes. YAY!

April & Co. you are welcome anytime!



Christopher And Tia said...

Aww, thats so sweet. I can't imagine that 3 days straight of nothing but friend-time would be something easy to say goodbye to.

Leah said...

How fun for you and the girls!!

AlyGatr said...

How awesome for the girls :) When Amelia met her third cousin Savannah back in October, who is a little under a year older than her, they were like peas and carrots (sorry to steal Forrest Gump lines). She was bummed when Savannah had to go home.

Sounds like you guys had so much fun...sweet!

Momma J said...

That is wonderful - so glad the girls hit is off!

The Momma said...

The girls are ready to come back already!!! We had a blast and can't wait to hang out again!

Whimsical Creations said...

How wonderful!! Sounds like a heavenly weekend!

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