Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Flashback: Go! Fight! Win!

(I'm the one on the left... I look like I'm about 12, but I was really 17
And is it just me, or is my head too big for my body? I've never noticed that before)

We're Saratoga High you see
To victory we hold the key
We're gonna fight, Falcons fight
Celebrate victory tonight! (fight, fight!)
We're scarlet, navy blue, and grey
We're the Falcons all the waaaaaaay
So give a cheer for your Falcon team
We're gonna win the Gaaaaaaame!

I think its a little embarrassing that I still know my high school fight song (with arm motions!) ten years later, but I guess when you do it a billion times - every single time the football team/basketball team scored a goal/basket - it sorta becomes part of your DNA. But still... its a little embarrassing.

And the Alma Mater... I remember that too. We had to sing it after every game. If the team won, we'd sing it in our happiest voice and the guys would be all pumped... but if they lost, we'd have to sing in our saddest voice, and they guys would be the biggest (bleeeeeep - sorry, this post has been edited for a G-rating) and would sometimes walk off the field while we were in the middle of singing to them. Hello, we HAD to sing the stupid song - it wasn't like we were out to get you, Falcon football team.

Boy that pissed me off. I remember getting in a little bit of trouble for being mouthy to some of the football players that walked off the field. Haha, something along the lines of me shouting out that if they had tried a little harder and actually won the game, perhaps we'd be singing the cheerful version. I may have thrown in a few nasty words... Well, they were being rude, after all!

I don't generally share the information that I was a high school cheerleader. While it was fine back when I was actually in high school, now whenever people come across a picture of me in my little outfit, I get raised eyebrows and an "aaaahhh, so that's why you're so perky!" response.

But truthfully, I loved being a cheerleader. Most of my favorite people from my high school days were on my squad, and we had a lot of fun together.

Gracie loves looking at my cheerleading pictures... she wants to be a cheerleader too, when she is bigger, she says. There is a lot of pom-pom shaking and Barbie cheerleader costume wearing on a daily basis (by her, not me). And yesterday, while picking out a birthday present for a friend, she wouldn't leave the store without a set of shiny red pom-poms as her gift-of-choice (April, if you're reading this, I certainly hope Autumn likes cheerleading too, cuz she's getting pom-poms!)

So before I go, let me leave you with another little Saratoga High ditty to perk up your day:

We got P-R-I-D-E
We got red pride
Who rules? Falcons rule!
Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh!

(That one was especially fun to sing when we were playing a team in East San Jose... how we didn't get shot for gang-related activity, I have no idea!)

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Happy Friday!



The Momma said...

I was too much of a klutz (and a nerd) to be a cheerleader. But, I did always envy them in their cute outfits. A number of my friends were on the squad, though.

Oh, the pom-pom's will be a HUGE hit! We did have a Barbie cheerleader outfit, but I'm not sure what happened to it...

Nen said...

I was a cheerleader as well... except I was the total opposite of perky and school-spirited! I get the raised eyebrows from people questioning "how did you ever become a cheerleader?" . (I was the girl in big baggy jeans and little kids Tshirts from Goodwill--oh the horror... I'll have to share some of those pics one of these Fridays). Thanks for sharing... your daughter will have a blast with those pom-poms!

Natalie said...

How cute!! I was a cheerleader for a year in 8th grade. Why I picked the chubby, awkward, frizzy hair, and big glasses stage of my life to be a cheerleader I'll never understand.

Christopher And Tia said...

I tried out for the cheerleading squad, and bombed, hardcore. My moves were spot on, but, my lack of popularity was too strong.

I was however, co captain of the dance team. So um.. theres that.

You look really cute in that picture. Like, the kind of girl that I would hope Charlie would bring home. Does that make sense, or just sound creepy?

AlyGatr said...

I love that you were a spirit bunny :) The story you told totally reminds me of Fast Times At Ridgemont High where the cheerleaders yell at the crowd "you know it's really hard getting up here..." My high school was SUPER spirited, even though our team sucked big time all 4 years I went there. For my part I was one of those weird kids with weird hair who scoffed at being a cheerleader as a cover for the fact that I secretly wished I was cute and popular enough to be one. I did have 3 friend who were on the squad though. I was...a band color guard...the one that twirled huh? I didn't, to band camp :) For some bizarre reason, as an adult, just about everyone says to me "I bet you were a cheerleader"...uh, yeah right!

ElegantSnobbery said...

Dude, Alyssa... I was in colorguard in 6th and 8th grade, and I can still totally twirl and throw a flag!

And I don't think I was popular. I was... neutral. Not a total dork, but still didn't have a date to the dances. Perhaps because I looked like a 12 year old...

AlyGatr said...

Color guards rule! My hubby calls me a "flag hag"...nice huh? Yeah, I never had a date for any of the dances either...but I went and danced anyway :)

casserole said...

OMG you were a cheerleader! Of course you were!! I was a dorky marching band person. We wore uniforms with fedoras and short capes, a la James Brown. Yep.

Kelly said...

very fun. oh how i always wanted to be a cheerleader. but at 5'10" tall, it just wasn't gonna happen.

Whimsical Creations said...

How fun!! I was never a cheerleader. I was friends with most of them though. I loved being able to go to the games and hang out. Ahhhh...the memories.

Crafty Mama said...

I wanted to be a cheerleader until they told me I would most likely be the one on the top and/or getting thrown because I was so skinny. My fear of heights won that battle.

Anonymous said...

If anybody tells you it's embarrassing to have your high school fight song on here, tell them some cranky old dude came here JUST because he couldn't remember it, and thanks you very much!

I remembered the marching band's drum cadence, but only about half the words to the fight song.

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