Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Flashback: Wales Rugby Shirt!

On my very first date with Will, he picked me up at my host family's house in Bath, drove to Wales, his country, which I'd never been to before, and said as we stopped for lunch, "So, I... uh... bought you a present." (only he has a super cute accent, so picture Hugh Grant saying that. You can even add a 'gosh, crikey' to it because I KID YOU NOT, my hubs sometimes says 'gosh, crikey.' Although now that I think about it, that might just be his Hugh Grant impression... but I digress)

A present! I'd never been given a present on a first date before and I'm not going to lie - I was a little nervous. We met at the airport in Ireland the week before, and yeah, okay, we spent ten hours talking, but still, we didn't really know each other well and first presents can be a little nerve-wracking. I mean, what if it sucks? What if it's a shot glass and thong underwear like the first present my boyfriend gave me when I was a junior in high school?

Well, it wasn't a shot glass. And thankfully, it also wasn't a thong. It was a shirt. Not just any kind of shirt - it was a rugby shirt for the Wales rugby team.

At the time, I didn't realize just what a very big deal that was. I should have, of course. Girl meets cute guy. Guy gives girl present on first date. Present is a jersey to cheer on his favorite team, which, "oh, by the way, I'm seeing Wales play France in a Six Nations game in a couple weeks and will try to get you a ticket, if you want..."

Yeah, I didn't realize what a big deal that was. I'd like to chalk it up to our cultural differences, but really I'm sort of clueless. I think I probably said, "Oh, thanks! It's cute! And it actually matches my new handbag, which has red flowers and is sparkly!"

Well, two weeks later, I wore it to see Wales play France in the Six Nations game.

And half a year later, I was wearing it when we got engaged.

Last week, for Will's birthday, we went to a pub in Austin to watch Wales play England in the Six Nations game. We ate fish and chips slathered in salt, vinegar and ketchup. He drank a couple pints of Guinness and I had my pints of Strongbow. And seven years after he gave it to me, I donned my Wales shirt, which I wear all the time since I love it so much, and we cheered on our favorite rugby team.

Thanks, honey. I really do love that shirt!

Happy Friday, folks! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! As I turn the big 3-0 on Sunday... well, my weekend might not be so great because I'm reeeeeaaaally not ready to leave my twenties behind. But I will make up for it by eating enormous amounts of cupcakes.

Which will go straight to my 30-year-old hips...



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Melissa said...

Squee! This post made me sigh out loud. PS - Can you please Vlog your cute hubby talking?? He can read the ingredients off a box of cereal, for all I care. :-D

Cathy said...

Aww that is such a cool flashback! Love it! What a great spelled total and utter love...a guy doesn't give his team's jersey to just any girl :)

Kelly Warren said...

you two are so cute. 'gosh crikey!' i'd love to hear that. i agree, you need to vlog! :-)

Kelly Warren said...

oh, i forgot! happy early birthday! 30...sheesh. i have 15 years on you. no worries!

KJ said...

You do realize that the story about how you and Will got together is basically the plot of the best romantic comedy that's never been made right?

Because it is.

And now I want to find me a husband that says "gosh, crickey".

Happy early birthday!

Karen Faulkner said...

Sweet! Don't worry about your thirties. They get a bad rap but are actually pretty good times :)

mshatch said...

what kj said and boy, you two make a beautiful couple - no wonder your girls are so damn cute!

Marisa Hopkins said...

Hee, thanks you guys! :)

Oh Mandie said...

aww, you two are so cute!! I love that pic of you guys too!

Mike drinks Guinness ... I think it tastes like ferments horse urine, bah!

christopher said...

Marisa. This post was fantastic. I sort of have an unfair advantage, because I know what yours and your husbands voices sound like- so I was able to more accurately play out the story in my head, but... yeah, it was cute. :)

Meeling said...

Fantastic post Marisa!!! Too cute...don't you just love having a "special" piece of clothing like that. It's filled with memories that make you feel good every time you wear it.

Have a Happy Birthday tomorrow!! And yes, eat lots and lots of cupcakes. I turned the big 40 last year and that wasn't bad at all, so 30...piece of cake, well or maybe 2!

Tina Laurel Lee said...

OMG, Happy Birthday! I am so excited that you are leaving the twenties behind. Say hello to the 30s - Oh so much better and then just you wait until the 40s. Your body may not be better but you will be surprised at the liberation! Yay to you and the rugby shirt!

Dena said...

i watched it too, while I was in England! Rich was born in wales so we cheered for wales...sadly, they didn't win :-(

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