Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Playdoh on the Table and Frogs on the Brain

Egads, here we are, eight days into February, and already I'm falling behind when it comes to the Picture Book Dummy Challenge.

But it's just so hard to sit down and type out a picture book story when I'm having too much fun playing with my kiddo.

Playdoh... I just love the stuff.

And I still have frogs on my brain, so this counts as work for my frog story, right?


But now it's time to put my nose to the grindstone and write (haha) or else I'll never finish my dummy book by summer.

Happy writing, all you writers! Happy playdoh-playing, all you mothers! Happy crafting, all you crafters! And happy Tuesday to everyone!



AlyGatr said...

Wow, I'm seriously impressed by your Play Doh art. My stuff never looks so good :) Yeah...go write and stuff, will ya?

Kelly Warren said...

That is a most fabulous frog.

Meeling said...

Playdoh is the best...I love the smell!
Your frog is fab!!!

Laura Pauling said...

You are a seriously talented play-doh artist. My frog would look like a lump of green! That's really good.

Oh Mandie said...

I wish we could play with play doh at my house! Well I suppose technically we could, but it's all brown and looks likes poo thanks to my color mixing boys.

And really, who wants to play with something that looks like poop :(

Marisa Hopkins said...

haha, thanks, everyone! ;D

And Amanda - HAHAHAHAHA! Annelie only just got that playdoh for her b-day so it is brand new... and well on it's way to turning poo brown :D

Cathy said...

Love the frog...and love play-doh...but not squished on the floor and underfoot ;)

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