Tuesday, May 3, 2011

On Time Management, Organization, and Super Cute Bookends

Lately I have been stuffed into very narrow closets, trying to give a little order to my insanely messy studio. And the reason (besides the fact that my studio is an insane mess) - This book: Time Management for the Creative Person, by Lee Silber.

I'm one of those people who picks up a book on time management and organization, has a rush of optimism and dreams of success, immediately rolls up sleeves and gets to work, then fizzles out with a half completed project.

All you creative types out there - are you like that, too? Then read this book, which specifically caters to the right-brainers. I've been reading it for the last month and I'm LOVING it.

But does reading this book mean I'll find myself permanently organized and super time managed and all that?

Well, I don't know, but in the last month I've been more productive than usual, with a tidier house and more time spent with my kids, and outdoors in the sun. And that's in addition to my creative projects. I'm a fan of this book, to say the least.

On a cuter note - check out my new (to me!) bookends:

I can't take it - they're just so cute!

Recently (like, this weekend), I discovered the joy of garage saling.

Seriously, where have I been for the last 3o years?!?! Garage sales! A treasure trove of awesome junk!

Usually it's Will who goes to garage sales, coming home with antique record tables that smell old and don't work (but look cool?). This time it was me that did the garage saling, which means I now have oodles and oodles of new craft supplies (because of course you can never hoard have enough of those) and these ridiculously cute ceramic book ends.

I just want to smile at them all day long, but alas. I have narrow closets to stuff myself into as I organize.

What have you been up to lately?



AlyGatr said...

VERY sweet bookends. I never garage sale hop because all I ever see is junk I don't want. I need to go with a pro who knows how to sniff out cool junk.

BTW, you need to purchase 'The Art of Using a Mailbox Effectively'. I think you know why :)

I might just have to make a road trip just to divest you of some of your fabric hoard...

Marisa Hopkins said...

Hee. If you find that book, let me know :)

Also, yes, you should road trip in my direction. This is only a fraction of my fabric collection!

If Wishes Had Wings... said...

The bookends are adorable!

mshatch said...

sounds like a great book if it can get you more fun time in the sun with your kids!

Dianne K. Salerni said...

So, it's organization tips for the creative mind? That sounds interesting -- and at least as useful as my feng shui book!

Marisa Hopkins said...

Dianne - it's all sorts of different time management techniques - organization included - for creative types!! So great!

And oooh, feng shui - I've never tried that.

kristanlynn said...

i love your bookends too!
garage sales are the best! i'm glad you've found some fun in them.

the best thing to do.. is look in all the boxes, you can always find the best stuff in those boxes. LOL.

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Tina Laurel Lee said...

Srsly, where have you been??? Garage saling (or sailing?) one of my most favorite things ever.

You have made me want that book.

Thanh Time Management said...

That's great that the book helped. I think the key to such books is that you gradually improve yourself. Doing an 180 can be too hard for some people, but implementing tips 1 & 2 of 30 is a great start.

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