Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Missing Tooth and a Fairy Fail

Annelie loves coming up with creative, if not torturous, methods of pulling out her teeth. Her first wiggly top tooth was no exception. It hung halfway out for a day before she decided enough was enough - she wanted it out, and she wanted it out by way of string-tied-to-tooth-and-door.

Horrible, I know. Although, my grandma did this to me, once, when I was about Annelie's age (5), and though I can still remember the shock I felt as the tooth was pulled, it's overshadowed by my childish glee.

I captured Annelie's tooth removal on film and am just as gleeful now as I was twenty-odd years ago.

She couldn't wait to put her tooth under her pillow, and go to sleep, waking up to a pile of money. I was excited for her, too.

Except... I went to bed and forgot one little thing. And when I woke her up yesterday morning and saw her stick her hand under her pillow to see how much the tooth fairy left her, my stomach fell as fast as her face.

Oh man, she cried and cried and it was terrible. Will insisted that this happened to him once, too, but the tooth fairy doubled his money the next night and that was the best. 

She sniffled and wiped her eyes and I stuck a sticker on each of her hands to help her feel better (stickers are amazing like that). But I felt awful. Boooooooo.

Luckily I have some awesomely creative friends, such as Anne, from Luvaloo, and Craft Gossip, who said "I think there might have been a little girl who didn't believe in the tooth fairy, so she set a trap to catch her. The poor thing spent the whole night under an upturned glass jar."

Oh, Anne, you are brilliant. 

However, last night, I was all set to sleep when Will said, "The Tooth Fairy gave Annelie some money, right?"


My mom used to threaten to staple reminders to my forehead when I was a kid (jokingly), and I can understand why. Yay for Daddy, who saved the day!

When I went to wake up my hard-to-wake child for school this morning, she was already up, coins in hand, squealing over her loot (which included the tooth, because the Tooth Fairy couldn't find it under her pillow).

"YAY, and she even let me keep my tooth!" Annelie exclaimed, proudly displaying it on her shelf (ew). 

Our tooth fairies always leave notes, and come with an assortment of names. It was Lola (one of Gracie's fairy visitors) who wrote last night's note, visiting all the way from England, where she was trapped by a horrid little girl, and saved by the playful cat, who broke the trap - such a hero. Lola apologized to Annelie, and gave her extra coins - including the pound coin she did NOT give to the horrid fairy-trapping girl, much to Annelie's delight.

My secret drawer of random things contained a fairy-sized dollhouse craft, and Lola added it to the package, which Annelie loved even more than her handful of coins.

Poor Gracie. She was so jealous - and now wishes Lola will pull a no-show on her some day. With me as a mom, it is very likely this will happen.



Amy McBay said...

Omigosh! This is so wonderful! The fantastic story of Lola the trapped fairy. I'll have to remember this when I forget, though I think I'm more excited to play fairy than my kids are to loose their teeth @.@

Dean Mayes said...

You guys take the cake for being the most gorgeous parents on the planet! The video is pure gold. My 6 year old has had a run of 'losses' this year that were spurred on by a piece of string and just the right amount of tension applied by his Dad. On one occasion, we realized after settling him down for the night that we didn't have a lick of 'shrapnel' anywhere in the house and a late night run to procure some change became something akin to a James Bond car chase. It worked out in the end.

Abby said...

Great save! Our tooth fairy always leaves plenty of "Fairy dust" {glitter} outside the kids' rooms, next to their beds and on their pillows...maybe that idea will come in handy next time the Tooth Fairy forgets to come. ;-)

Meeling said...

Too funny! I totally forgot once too & my daughter was so sad. But I quickly said the tooth fairy must have hid the money well and sure enough (wink, wink) we found it under the mattress (after I had made a quick run to my wallet)

Now she laughs about it (she's 21) and always makes fun of me for it!

DancingMooney ♥ said...

Great save Mom!! :)

Someday your girls will be old enough to know who the tooth fairy really is, and I hope they'll carry on those traditions with their little ones someday too... Not everyone has a mom as creative as you! ♥

Denise Felton said...

My hair is standing straight up with the thrill of Annelie's video and your lovely solution to the fairy problem. Yea, Annie! Yea, Marisa! And yea, Will, for having Mommy's back. Y'all rock so hard.

Kelly Polark said...

The tooth fairy forgot once here too. But you are much nicer than me (beautiful handwriting btw!). I told my daughter that she must have scared the fairy away when she was yelling at her brother before bed! She was like, "Mom, you're right!" :)

Kim said... have I not been around to read about your sweet girls for so long? My loss!

Alyssa S. said...

Well geez, if the fairy can't do her job, then it's only natural she should pay an extra fine! Glad Annelie came out on top on this one ;)

Your Mom is right, you do need to staple reminders to your forehead. Only you'd probably forget to!

Natalie C Parker said...

I love this story. I can always count on your blog to give me a little boost. <3

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