Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Oh, the Shame!

Before owning dogs, I didn't realize how disgusting animals could be. Not that I was completely naive when I adopted them. I mean, I once saw a puppy do his little puppy business, eat it, throw it up, and then eat that... 

But that was a one off, right? Just a confused little puppy.

Then we adopted Willie, our old, blind German shepherd, and... well, let me just say I thought our kittens needed a trip to the vet because the litter box was empty the first entire week we had them. But then Willie came up to me for a rump scratching and wouldn't you know it, there were flecks of kitty litter stuck to the wet of his nose. 


It's true, folks. They really eat poo. 

Along with EVERYTHING else -- everything dead and smelly and disgusting, like telephone line-fried squirrels, and entire bags of potting soil that have been enriched with chicken manure. And when it makes them sick... well, they eat that, too.

Honestly, after five years with this dog, I didn't think there was anything left for him to eat that would gross me out.

Ha! Naive, I certainly am! Because today, folks, Willie reached a new low:


Half a bathroom-sized trash can full of 'em.


Though, I suppose to be fair I should shame the cats, too. And I would, if they'd hold still for two seconds.

Their sign would say something like, I feed the German shepherd by barfing up hairballs under the kitchen table.

Shame on you, cats.

(Hannah, the resident chihuahua, doesn't get a sign because it would probably scare her, and then she'd pee on the floor. Again)

Have you guys discovered Yeah, it's kind of hilarious, and quite possibly my new favorite site. I'll spare Willie the world-wide humiliation by not submitting his photo.

Also, I'm a little glad I have my 4 dysfunctional pets, because man, some of THOSE pets are just too naughty.

Have a great Wednesday, folks!

Unless you are in Australia. In that case, enjoy your Thursday! 



Kelly Polark said...

Ha ha! I've seen those pet shaming photos. So relatable!

Mine would say, "I like to bark incessantly when my mom is on the phone and eat poopsicles in the winter."
Sigh. But I love my darn dogs anyway. So much.

Melissa said...

LOL! I am *so* glad my dog is afraid of going down the stairs, otherwise she'd probably be feasting on cat poo, too. She does love the snotty tissues, though. I have to weight down the garbage lid to keep her out. This time of year, 'frozen rodent' is a delicacy, as I discovered the other day. She's been known to eat the girls' hair ties, too. Like, a handful at a time. *rolls eyes*

DancingMooney ♥ said...

Okay, I know you got two kittens a while back, but I had no idea you had two dogs! And how sweet Willie is, even if he's blind, that's so terribly kind of you Marisa to have adopted an animal that really needed a loving home. We have two dogs and a cat, and they are each out of their minds... lol. Can't live with em' can't live without em'. ya know? :D

Meeling said...

Lol...I can totally relate to this post Marisa we have a poo eater and trash digger too. (I feel so ashamed - but so glad to know that we aren't alone) :-)

Kelly Warren said...

Yes, we call the little box the "Kitty Litter Cafe" or the "Cat Box Diner" depending on the day. I love petshaming...too cute.

Anonymous said...

EW!!! LOL!

My dog eats the kitties vomit. YEP. GROSS.

Ick. ;)

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