Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fifi's French Boudoir

I got my first (sort of) Treasury yesterday, and I was so excited!! I say 'sort of' because it was a Treasury West, which is Etsy's test treasury -- and it seems to be down just about all the time. But not before I was able to take a screen shot so I could show it off. I had never taken a screen shot before. I think it shows!

So here it is: Fifi's French Boudoir. I love all things Parisian, and wanted to show it off. As for Fifi, she is a character I am working on for a children's book (writing and illustrating is really what I am about. Tootsie and Grace is recreation and an excuse to get my hands on designer fabrics).

I love all of the items listed, but here are a few of my special favorites. I'll start with the charm bracelet by 2 Dy 4-- Art by a Drama Queen! I just love this bracelet, which is so girly and fun as it says, "She loved him down to her pink toes & back up again."

The vintage text is from a 1940's romance novel and is on a background of pink & white polka dots under a glass marble. You can find this bracelet as well as other pieces of re-purposed vintage jewelry at

I am passionately in love with the artwork from A Fanciful Twist's shop. I just can't get enough of it! Here is the set of postcards that I put in the treasury, but I can't stop there! I love all of these funky and -whimsical- (cringing, because I just HATE that word, but it really does describe the artwork perfectly!!).

You can find these and so many more beautiful card sets, original artwork and prints at

Shabby Cottage Studios' altered art cards and collages made with vintage labels are so beautiful! I love the one I featured in the treasury, but there are so many more. I am also partial to the vintage label collage sheets!!

You can find this shop at

I just love the funky vintage finds in this next Etsy shop. June 22, has so many things I would love to get my hands on! The vintage 1970 fuchsia jacket with ruffles (I love ruffles) is so awesome! I also think the photography used really shows off her shop well! I would love very much to look stylish and hip in front on an old barn door! Here are a bunch of favorites from her shop.

You can find this shop at

Appr├ęciez et au revoir !


iSew said...

Great picks and theme, wish I'd seen it.

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Goodness, that's beautiful!! Great pics! I missed seeing the treasury so I'm glad you shared them here on your blog.

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