Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My tootsiegrace Space

I have seen a few work spaces of other Etsy artists, and thought it would be fun to show my "shop," aka the dining room of our very small apartment. My husband is a legend for letting me claim the entire dining room (well, sometimes the table is cleared off so we can eat there, but more often than not we have a picnic in the living room--its cozy that way!).

I love all things crafty. So does Gracie who is making herself a Barbie dress out of my Heather Bailey's Freshcut squares.

But I love that she feels comfortable crafting for herself and it is great that she always wants to get her hands on beautiful crafts of her own. Right now we are working on her actually asking first, but its all baby steps, isn't it?

I used to love hand painting flower pots and have kept some of my favorites, like the little alligator. You can also see one of my favorite books, Amy Butler's InStyle pattern book. It was that book which started my whole sewing frenzy. I still have not made anything. I don't know how to read a pattern yet, so I just design all my own stuff for the time being.

I love shopping on Etsy and you can see a few of the things I have bought lurking about. You can find the little blue pin cushion I bought from Sabrina's Creations at http://www.sabrinacreations.etsy.com tucked in next to a bin of fabric, my sewing box and some varnish. Sabrina asked me the other day if I use it.... You bet!

Here is Jimmy. Poor little guy hasn't been created yet from these Original Rockford red heel socks which I bought from TerBear at http://www.terbearco.etsy.com It is so sad seeing him like this! Good thing he will have a happy little smile soon.

I have about five or so bins of fabric like these. I am seriously addicted. I haven't even used a lot of them yet!

I bought these sweet little baby powder scented goat's milk soaps from A Breath of French Air at http://www.abreathoffrenchair.etsy.com. I am going to be introducing washcloths made from all of my beautiful fabrics soon, and am including two of these little rubber ducky soaps with each order. They smell just like a freshly powdered baby, which I just love. I gave one of them to Gracie and she spent about forty-five minutes compulsively washing her hands. But she loved it!!

I hope you enjoy my shop! I certainly love creating in it!


'Cuz I Felt Like It! said...

I love how you have your fabrics organized! I will have to do that!

Katie said...

Thanks for checking out my blog - I really enjoyed looking at yours too. I want your fabric collection!

Kim said...

Your artwork looks great on that wall. I too need to do some fabric organization - quite messy right now.

Sandra Williams said...

LOVE your work area..it is so bright and sunshiney! Gracie is adorable!!! My son is 5 and it makes me so happy when i see him hard at work "creating"!

Candice said...

I love your studio! I'm so jealous of your fabric stash...I see all the great Amy Butler fabrics in there!! She's one of my favorites!

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