Monday, January 10, 2011

Spider Girl

Do you see that? Do you SEE that SPIDER? That huge, crispy-bodied, hairy-legged, gargantuan SPIDER?

It isn't real.

BUT that doesn't stop me from screaming and running around the house like a lunatic under a full moon every time I see it.

Annelie loves to watch me freak out, as she says. My O-M-G-there-is-a-spider-in-the-house-and-it-will-surely-KILL-me dance is one of her favorite things to see (it is pretty well executed, if I do say so myself - I've had tons of practice, what with her frequently putting bugs in her hair moments before sitting up at the dinner table).

This ginormous plastic spider has become her very best play-thing, despite the tens of billions of times I've dropped it in the trash when she wasn't looking. And somehow it always ends back on my studio floor, or on my desk, or on my chair, or she just chucks it in my direction as I'm walking past...

You know Ron, from the Harry Potter series, and his fear of spiders? Well, I'm slightly less extreme. Slightly, although frankly, I think he kept his cool quite well in the woods when he and Harry were under spider attack in book/movie #2. I would have been a giant spider's dinner in three point five seconds or less because I would have been too busy screaming and jumping all around and waving my arms above my head to run away.

And the really annoying part is that there are supposedly all sorts of big and hairy spiders where I live. Just ask Tia, who apparently finds them in her yard all the time.

But the only spider I scream and run from is plastic. Yeah...

And my almost-four-year-old is quickly going from my little buddy-pal...

... to my arch-nemesis.

Happy Monday, folks. I've only screamed from a plastic spider attack once so far today, so my day is looking pretty good. Hope yours is, too!



Alyssa S. said...

Poor Momma! Don't get me wrong, I don't like spiders, especially the Black Widows I know who have invaded out house more than once, but as long as they aren't ON me, I'm OK with them. Bees/wasps are another story. THEY freak me out. I guess you wouldn't like all the plastic spiders and lizards and frogs and snakes we have in our house. Though, I have to say, Amelia's pretend ones are pink and purple, so it's pretty easy to tell they are fake :)

And yeah, if I had to go toe to toe with Aragog like Ron did, I would have peed my pants!

mshatch said...

oh I hate spiders! My son teases me about them, too - the other day he kindly informed me he saw a huge one crawling out of my pants hanging on the back of the bathroom door. Thanks. I needed to know that.

Good luck with those awful spiders :)

Oh Mandie said...

ugh, my boys do that to me all of the time, and my reaction is pretty much the same!

My evil evil evil parents got Brayden a creepy crawlers maker for Christmas one year so he can pass produce fake spiders and other gross bugs to stick around the house and scare his mother with.

... and I wonder why I have to take anxiety meds!

Unknown said...

LOL! Plastic spiders, the cats' mouse toys, rubber snakes, coonskin caps . . . I freak out to all of them. And yes, my kids think it's hilarious and make fun of me. :-D

Right there with you!

Meeling said... gave me a good laugh. I hope the rest of your Monday is spider free! I'm back to wrk today after almost 3 weeks off...let's just say I'm not loving my alarm clock today!!

Kelly Warren said...

you don't even want to hear my spider story... they freak me out too!

beka said...

oh man. i do NOT like spiders.
i'd be screaming with you.... heh:)

Kristen said...

UGHHHH!!!I cannot. Handle. Spiders. Ron is tame compared to me. If I had been in the woods in movie 2 I would have literally died from cardiac arrest. I actually was queasy watching it. *shudder*

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