Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tumbling Down the Mountain of Revision

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by Sara Olmos of Teconlene

I haven't blogged about my writing lately - not since NaNoWriMo, which was already a month and a half ago. I've been working on a re-write of the book I finished drafting in September - a modern retelling of Sleeping Beauty. I'd like to say that it has been going swimmingly but truthfully, I'm not really sure what I'm doing, which frequently puts me in a funky mood.

Sometimes I find the words flow and I love them. Most of the time, however, I feel like I'm forcing the words out and they are a disaster. And then there's the struggle with what to shave off here, and what to develop there - from my already too-long book.

Not to mention my descriptions. Oh, those descriptions. The words on my page go from being too sparse and flat, to purple prose, choking through a cloud of holographic glitter and cheap drugstore perfume.

(See what I mean?)

I knew that the revision process wouldn't be easy. I already imagined it would be like rappelling down the mountain I spent a year struggling to climb, and hitting every rock and bush and Rocky Mountain Big Horn sheep along the way.

Yeah, it's pretty much like that, only instead of rappelling, I'm more like tumbling.

As I've said before, I love writing to music, and currently this is the tone I'm trying to create for the part of the book I'm working on.

Trying being the key word. It's a funky, beautiful song, with a funky, beautiful music video to go with it, and though my story doesn't have shamans or swimming pools, I do hope to capture the funkiness and beauty of it all! Eventually. I do believe it will take much hair-pulling, teeth-grinding and pots of coffee to get me there.

Someday I hope to look back at this post and laugh at my struggles. This will be after all my issues click themselves into place and I'm dancing in the light at the end of the tunnel.

I am so not there yet. But I'm hopeful.

Happy Tuesday to you all!



Alyssa S. said...

Aw :( As someone who struggles too, I feel for you sister. I will say, having read the revision...or part anyway...you are REALLY rolling and this time around it feels right, so just keep writing! Stop stopping to psychoanalyze it, just write! That is an order.

April said...

Keep on keeping on! You'll get there! You better listen to Alyssa... She'll getcha if ya don't!

Tracey Neithercott said...

Ah yes, but after that maybe you'll have carved a Mount Rushmore from that mountain. Or reduced it to rubble with dynamite. ;)

I'm gearing up for revision now, so I'll be rapelling down with you soon. Though it'd probably be more like falling considering my mountain climbing skills.

Good luck!

beka said...

"hair-pulling, teeth-grinding and pots of coffee"...... hmmmm. the only pro except for churning out a sweet story is that last thing on the list.... ;)
you can do it!!

Unknown said...

I dunno, repelling down the mountain sounds a heck of a lot better that bashing your head into it, which is how I feel about my project at the moment. I'm sure once that first draft is done though I will have different opinions.
Keep your head up, or don't look down...
From what I read, your doing great! Your an amazing writer.

Kelly Polark said...

Revisions are hard. I'm on the tail end now and a bit fearful to actually send my baby out in query form!
Good luck, Marisa!

mshatch said...

your story sounds interesting.

Amie Kaufman said...

Oh, I totally feel your pain. It's so difficult to keep going when you're not sure you're making it better. I know the general advice is to push on, but if you haven't, consider giving yourself a week or two off. Then come back, review, make a list. Since I've had the list I've been blogging about, I've felt way more under control--as though I only need to worry about one thing at a time, which helps!

Tina Laurel Lee said...

You can do it! It just takes time. Or at least that is what I keep telling myself.

Unknown said...

Hang in there! I've often thought that writing a book is the easy part. It's the revision part that's killer.

Laura Pauling said...

Keep at it! Keep learning! you'll get there! I agree. REvision ain't easy!

Leah said...

good luck! you'll get there!

Guinevere said...

I'm also struggling with revisions. :-/ So much harder, to me, than the rough draft. But, you'll get there and so will I! Good luck!

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