Monday, December 5, 2011

Bringing in the Snow

I knew Annelie was awake this morning when the piercing shrieks of "SNOOOOOOOOW! It's SNOW! Everyone! It's snowing!" blasted through the house.

She then ran straight to her sister's room screaming, "Gracie, GET UP IT'S SNOWING RIGHT NOW!!!! SNOOOOW!!"

(Of course Gracie already knew it was snowing -- she had to trudge through an inch of it on her way to the bus stop a half hour earlier.)

Poor Annelie was so disappointed that her sister wasn't home to share her excitement.

Upon discovering that snow and SANTA HAS BROUGHT PRESENTS are not synonymous, she was disappointed further.

And disappointed even further to discover that instead of playing outside in the snow with me all morning, as she'd planned, I'm sick on the couch, hacking and coughing and dripping and sneezing. (Boooo to sinus infections and bronchitis. Yay to prescription meds that are finally starting to work!)

So she was given a minute to make a snow angel, and then we grabbed bowls and buckets and scraped the snow off the grass.

And brought it inside.

All morning, I sat on the couch under a pile of blankets, and she sat at the kitchen table, burying her toys, and digging them up, and making them each mini snowmen.

By the time she was ready for a new activity, all the snow had melted and her Littlest Pet Shop pets were swimming in a blue lagoon.

She was thrilled - she had a happy snow day after all.

Happy Monday, folks! Hope you're all warm today, because baby, it's coooold outside!



Alyssa S. said...

I'm beginning to believe you bribed the weather gods (or goddesses) into always sending the snow to Abilene. You know I'm jealous. WAH!

Unknown said...

I can't believe you have snow when we have temps in the 50's. AWESOME! I got a kick out of your comment "she had to trudge through an inch" talking about Gracie walking to the bus stop. Try trudging through 12+ inches. LOL! Still . . . what a cool experience when it's not a seasonal headache.

Kelly Polark said...

You are very creative to have her bring the snow inside!
Hope you are feeling better!

Tere Kirkland said...

Aww! You're the best mom with a cold ever! That's so sweet.

PS, it's in the high 70s here today but we're expecting chilly temps later this week in the 30s. I am about to move to Miami. ;)

Meeling said...

What a fantastic snow day!! :-D

Hope you feel better really soon!!!

Cathy said...

That's soooo cute! Believe it or not, my kids have never seen snow and I know that they would be just as excited as Annelie if they did (maybe moreso)!

Julie Dao said...

So much fun!! I'm glad you guys got snow, because it's all brown where I am. I hope I get to go sledding sometime this winter...

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