Saturday, March 1, 2008

I am the Queen of Bloglandia

Okay, not really. But I did get two blog awards recently.

I won the very prestigious "You Make My Day" award from Ashley aka LePetitMonstre because, well frankly, I make her day :)

And also, I won an award for being creatively inspiring and straight up fabulous (I'm kind of embellishing here) from Cathy over at Love and Madness in Suburbia, a blog which chronicles the crazy life with two, too smart for their own good little ones, and a mom who is being slowly driven insane, day by day (by said children of course).

Oh wait, thats my life.

But anyway, I love being recognized, appreciated, and adored -- Or at least love having people read my blog!! So thanks Ashley and Cathy!!! And thanks everyone else who checks up on what I have to say!

I was also tagged by Ashley, so I am just going to divert you all HERE so you can remember just how interesting (read: crazy) I really am.

And now, I would like to share some photos that I was able to recover (I never erased them from my camera, which is unlike me as I usually erase things as soon as they are loaded on my computer)

They are from the family trip to our hometown in California, last summer.

Annelie looking quite sweet and a little bit chic at 6 months old.

My little Kewpie doll: Gracie. Watermelon juice from Andale, the best mexican restaurant ever.

We were at the park and I left Will in charge of watching the girls while I took a bathroom break. I came back to find Gracie missing... only to find that she had crashed the picnic next to us. We don't know those people she is sitting with. But Gracie seems very happy with their watermelon and sandwiches.

And this photo never fails to make me smile from ear to ear. Gracie at eight months. The bath is still her favorite place to be.

And for those of you who are wondering just what I did with my little behive girl:

Now I just have to finish She Wore a Cupcake for a Hat, She wore a Fruit Bowl for a Hat, and She Wore a Birdhouse for a Hat.

As well as all my other projects.

Okay, time to go now. I have to get to work!!!


Cathy said...

your posts always make me smile! your finished art piece came out fabulous with all the stamping (i assume that's how you finished it off).

your girls are GORGEOUS and a perfect match for my two little men ;)

LOL at gracie crashing the picnic next to you - sounds exactly like something my boys would do :) LOVE IT! who really wants boring, placid children?!

industrialpoppy said...

I stumbled across your blog and have to say that I've really enjoyed reading! Great artwork!

KJ said...

You are a crack-up! I know this is a hodgepodge, but I feel as if I have experienced BUGS 101! I had no idea that pill bugs or rolly polly's gave birth like that. I probably would have been fascinated since I am the bug exterminator around here and I'm not really afraid of them.

I know we sometimes feel the need to explain how a cockroach could find it's way into our humble abode, but these little monsters go where they want to. We had neighbors who exterminated the critters from their home and they just moved in with us! Believe me, I have stories of my own!

The picnic looked divine! What part of CA. was that? I am from Southern CA..

Thanks for sharing AND the artwork is wonderful!


Francesca said...

thanks for your comment your majesty! glad you liked the video.

Amy said...

She is adorable! Lovely work.

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