Thursday, April 28, 2011

Outta the Mouths of Babes: The Discipline Plan/ Concept of Time Edition

ANNELIE [Looking at discipline chart]: Hey, it says I'm on 'no art' but I didn't move my clip today!

ME: That was left over from yesterday.

ANNELIE: No, it wasn't yesterday. It was today tomorrow.

(she has no concept of time in any form - and I love how that leads to many Alice In Wonderland-esque conversations)

Hey mamas out there who remember when I blogged about my latest discipline plan in my constant battle to find something to keep my kids from pitching epic fits in public libraries and cutting bedsheets and eyelashes and giving the other a black eye and being all around Queens of Destruction:

Guess what! The plan has been in effect for a grand total of four months and currently we STILL have a handle on the discipline situation! With the exception of Annelie's self-cut hair-do which she rang in the new year with, we've been destruction-free for months. YIPPEE!

You can read all about our discipline plan {HERE}

I've got to say, I sort of missed having fantastically appalling stories to share about my adventures with two high-energy little monsters (- er, I mean angels!). But then, the other day, I overheard this:

GRACIE: Hey Annelie, remember when we used to play sword fights with Mommy's knitting needles and when she'd say, "What are you doing," we'd say, "Nothing!"

...and the horror came flooding back and I am SO glad I haven't had a story to share in ages. Also, my friend Starr reminded me that the best is yet to come, as I'm sure to hear this someday:

GRACIE: Hey Annelie, remember when we stole Mom's car and went to TJ for that weekend and the car broke down, and when we got back she said, "Where's my car?" we said, "I dunno, I think it got stolen"...............

(Thanks for that, Starr! But I hope not!)

Happy Thursday, folks!



Orangies Attic said...

"It was today tomorrow"... LOVE that. I have a 16 year old, and yes, honey... your day is COMING. ;)

AlyGatr said...

Hey, I hope you didn't jinx yourself! The minute Annelie starts reading and she stumbles upon your brilliant plan, she's sure to start plotting against you :) Just sayin'. Amelia likes to refer to "the next tomorrow" instead of "the day after tomorrow" and everything that happened before today is "yesterday" even if it was a year ago! Thank goodness for calendars. It's at least helping her have concept of one day from another.

Meeling said...

LOL...gosh I certainly hope not on the car thing...yikes. I've gotten 2 teens through to their twenties and they survived and more importantly so did I and we still actually speak and like one another. :-D

I have one more teen at home and one who will be a teen very shortly...2 down 2 to go!!

Kids keep you on your toes that's one thing I've discovered!!!

Leah said...

It really is too bad you guys are in Texas because I can tell Andrew and Annelie would have fun at a playdate together. :)

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