Monday, October 1, 2007


I finally understand the magic behind Peek-a-boo. When Gracie was smaller, she enjoyed the game, but it wasn’t anything special. I would cover my eyes with my hand or a blanket, and when I revealed them, saying, “Peek-a-boo!” Gracie would smile, sometimes laugh.

Add Annelie to the mix and it is a whole new game. Grace loves to make her sister laugh, and Annelie loves to do the same. When the girls play together, the giggling never stops. Their favorite activity: Gracie puts a blanket over her head (or mine, if I am playing too). Annelie pulls the blanket off. We exclaim, “Peek-a-boo!” Annelie laughs her head off.

It can go on for twenty minutes straight!

To celebrate my playful little girls, here are a selection of my favorite playful Peek-a-boo Etsy items by other wonderful sellers. I hope you enjoy!

*Note: Yes, that is Hello Kitty underwear on Gracie’s head. A fun peek-a-boo accessory*

The first shop I would like to feature is Callipitter Creations. I came across this shop when the first round of Mattel recalls were going on. Gracie is not yet old enough for one of these Peek-a-boo bags (she will need to be about three), but I will get one for her (and me!) soon. They are so cool!

You can find this bag and others too at

The next shop I would like to feature is ODannysGirl. This is another shop I came across during the Mattel recall fiasco. I just think it is so wonderful buying handmade, rather than cheap, plastic (lead-infested) store bought items. This I Spy ball caught my eye because it is fun for children of all ages. It is the perfect toy for baby hands learning to pick things up, and equally fun for older children as they challenge each other in a game of I Spy through all of the colorful fabric.

You can find this ball at

The last shop I would like to feature is Hand Crafted Sock Puppies. I just love this peek-a-boo sock kitty! I just adore cats, but there are other darling little peek-a-boo pets in this shop. In fact, the whole shop is filled to the brim with adorable plushie creations perfect for all the kids in your life. You can find these at

Don’t forget you grab your cuddliest blanket and play peek-a-boo with a baby today! I’m telling you, the giggling is worth it.


Melanie said...

what fun items! Thanks for sharing them with us :-) Sorry about the teething blues. That's no fun.

Unknown said...

What an adorable family you have! Thanks for stopping by my blog, us Marisas are a rare and exotic breed (especially the ones that spell the name correctly! One "r" and one "s"!)

dmollison said...

Oh my! What fun items in your blog! I'll be back to look some more. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for featuring my Scrappy I Spy Ball in your blog.

Anonymous said...

What fun toys and peek-a-boo stories!

And I love your etsy shop! All the colors of your pieces look so great together! :)

Hope you're having a great day!

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